The main hall occupies an area of approximately 124 square metres (13.6m x 9.1m).
and the stage an additional 6.8m x 3.5m. The stage is 0.75m high. The ceiling height is approximately 3.5m (2.75m above the stage). There are male and female toilets located near the entrance.

There’s a small kitchen with cooker, washing up facilities and a hot water urn at the far end of the hall. We have enough cutlery and plates for approximately 40 people. There are enough cups and mugs for around 80 people.

A number of folding tables are available, together with approximately 100 stackable plastic chairs.

The dance floor has bench seating down the two long sides.

A plan of the hall is available here and a brief description of our AV facilities is available here.

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