Design Proposals ‘A’



Site factors 1Site factors – sun, wind and views all important, as well as the relationship to the village.

Site factors 2Site factors – how people move about the village and arrive at the hall is important. This leads to a suggestion that the hall is approached across the east gable of the library rather than around it – this giving a more direct and attractive arrival.

Option A 1Option A – Adapted Hall: There is likely to be ground available to the east on to which the new accommodation can extend, but not much to the south. Existing WC’s and entrance taken away.

Option A 2Option A – Adapted Hall: Existing walls cut away to allow connection to new courtyard and terrace spaces. Ancillary spaces (WC’s, kitchen etc) behind screen wall to back of existing hall.

Option A 3Option A – Adapted Hall: New spaces creating sheltered terrace area with projecting roofs providing additional shelter.

Option A PlanOption A – Adapted Hall: Plan of the building.

Option A ExteriorOption A – Adapted Hall: view from the north east with the new entrance on the right and the meeting room on the left. (Note that this drawing exaggerates the height of the terraces required. The ground is flatter on site than shown on OS mapping from which modelling was done!)

Option A Cut through 1Option A – Adapted Hall: Cut through proposed courtyard between Hall and Library with a new entrance to the left.

Option A ViewOption A – Adapted Hall: view from the east, with meeting room to left hand side. At this early stage it is thought that the building may have a stone base, and a mixture of slate roofs and sedum/green roofs or possibly low pitched zinc roofs over the new spaces.

Option A MeetingOption A – Adapted Hall: the meeting room and terrace – possibly with sedum-covered green roof. (Note: this drawing also exaggerates the height of the from terraces.)

Option A Cut through 2Option A – Adapted Hall: section cut through hall and gathering space looking south, with screens to entrance/gathering space open. (Please note that this drawing exaggerates the height of terrace required at the front of the building – the land is locally flatter than indicated on OS mapping, hence the inaccuracy in the modelling!)
Option A OpeningOption A – Adapted Hall: looking from the stage towards the library courtyard with sliding doors open to the courtyard and fixed side seating running through.

Option A GatheringOption A – Adapted Hall: inside the proposed entrance with a hearth space on the right, and a small office or possibly a cloak room near the door.

Option A OccupationOption A – Adapted Hall: How the hall might be occupied for play, concerts, film shows and ceilidhs