Since 1928, Iona Village Hall has been at the heart of the local community and forms part of the lives and memories of the local residents and visitors alike. It is our ‘everything’ community space; the place where our children grow up, have birthday parties, perform their school plays, dance, and get married. It forms the backdrop to the collective memory of our community and of many visitors. It is our debating chamber, our stadium, our cinema, our playground, and our gathering place.  It is also completely community-led and managed by a group of volunteers.

But we need more than just a village hall.  Over the past 6 years, we have developed a plan which will transform the very heart of our island community and benefit generations of islanders and visitors to come.

A Community Vision

“We want to create a warm, flexible and welcoming place where people can connect and where locals, groups and visitors can belong for generations to come.”

Our project is the product of an exemplary model of community engagement.  It is focused on the development of our community-managed asset to develop and strengthen our community in a strategic and sustainable way.  At the heart of the project is a vision to be more than just a ‘village hall’ and to build on the wider strengths of the community such as our social capital, volunteering ethos and creativity.

Please help, in any way you can.