Project Milestones

We set about planning a new hall on Iona in 2012. Some of the main milestones are listed below.


Early 2012 – The committee secures funding from LEADER/Awards for All to commission consultants

Summer 2012 – WT architects commissioned and technical options appraisal, building survey and cost estimate work undertaken.

Summer 2012 – Community Enterprise and WT Architects undertake detailed community consultation

Late 2012 – Feasibility Study and Options Appraisal produced

Late 2012 – Technical options appraisal complete with preferred design option and QS estimate

Late 2012 – Interim Business Plan

2013 – Discussion with National Trust for Scotland about securing land

Late 2013/early 2014 – Investing in Ideas grant in place.  Further technical work and update to interim business plan

Mid 2014 – Preferred option in further detail with more technical data gathered. WT have initial discussions with Argyll & Bute Council Planning Officers

Mid 2014 – VAT assessment undertaken

Mid 2014 – Legal structure work done on incorporation

Late 2014 – draft Mem&Arts appraised and commented upon by Andy Normansell of BIG and amendments to be incorporated

Late 2014 – NTS Directors indicate broad support for transfer/sale of land

Late 2014 – submitted Stage 1 bid to BIG Lottery Growing Community Assets funding stream

Late 2014 – confirmation via Ailsa Raeburn that HIE will fund land purchases IF completed before year end (did not transpire)

Early 2015 – BIG Lottery bid unsuccessful but have requested that we resubmit with amendments (Julia Holmes contact but GCA funding closes with a view to re-opening late 2015)

Mid 2015 – agreement from both landowners for purchase of the land we require, although NTS pursuing a part-purchase-part-lease agreement.  Committee agree to keep pursuing a simpler solution.

Late 2015 – more guidance on new BIG Lottery stream received and start preparing for Scottish Land Fund application

Early 2016 – Meet with Eric McNally of Scottish Land Fund and consequently secured Stage 1 development funding

Mid 2016 – further meetings with NTS to discuss land purchase

Late 2016 – progressing various angles prior to Stage 2 Scottish Land Fund bid and BIG Lottery Community Assets bid

  • Land
  • Structure
  • Charitable status
  • Update plans and budgets

Early 2017 – secure Scottish Land Fund monies and Community Assets development funding

April 2017 – granted charitable status (SCIO) by OSCR

May 2017 – dissolve current committee and adopt Iona Village Hall Community Trust structure

June 2017 – further community/stakeholder consultation undertaken with revised plans

July 2017 – updated Strategic plan formed with new plans, costings and feedback incorporated

Early 2018 – application to the BIG Lottery Fund is successful

Early 2019 – Tender Reports received but negotiation is delayed whilst due diligence is carried out by LEADER

July 2019 – ‘Last Chance Dance‘ – the final farewell to the old hall takes place, as well as football, badminton, circuits and others.

July 2019 – the old floorboard are carefully lifted and stored, planning ahead for re-use in the new hall.

July 2019 – CorraMore Construction Ltd are appointed and work commences on-site immediately.

3rd August 2019 – the old hall is demolished to clear the site for the new building

Autumn/Winter 2019 – Iona experiences some of the most consistently disruptive weather for many years! CorraMore site team persevere through persistent wind and rain to get the new hall underway – you can see some of our ‘Tales from a Building Site‘ update on our Facebook page.

March 2020 – We make the decision to close the site, just days ahead of Scottish Government decision on construction sites. Iona goes into lockdown with the rest of the country and waits.

July 2020 – CorraMore return to site and work recommences, as everyone adjusts to working within ‘the new normal’.

Late 2020/Early 2021 – Weather and COVID continue to impact on the project, and the Trustees work tirelessly to fill the hole left in the budget, with the support of existing donors and new funders.