Audio Visual Equipment

The system’s main purpose is to provide music for discos and fundraisers in the hall. It’s not really designed for concerts, although gigs with two or three musicians have been successful.

The heart of the system is a reasonably powerful amplifier. It has 3 Aux inputs and 3 Mic inputs, something like this. It is served by a combined twin CD player with built in mixing deck. In addition, this has 3 inputs for other sources e.g. music stored on laptops, phones or MP3 players. (N.B. Only two sources can be mixed at any time.) More info about this can be found here.

Sound is delivered via 4 x 150 watt speakers which are wall mounted. Cabling for these runs through the ceiling, but the speakers could be easily moved to the stage, provided extra cables were available. These would have to have ‘Speakon’ connectors at either end.

We also have a digital projector and blu ray player.