The new Iona Village Hall is transformative for the island community and provides an excellent space for a range of activities but it remains untested as a venue for live music

The old hall, with its suspended ceiling, lager-soaked floorboards and decades of dust in the cracks and crevices, was exceptional acoustically.

But equipment and facilities were rudimentary, and expectations could be managed accordingly.

The new Iona Village Hall is a vast improvement but we need help to maximise that potential

The minimalist spaces carefully designed to host a variety of community uses presents acoustic challenges for live events;

high ceilings and flat surfaces bounce sound around, making it echoey and loud.

The new building is equipped with high-spec sound & light equipment but we are very early in our journey of upskilling volunteers and users, and establishing whether it meets the existing and potential needs of the island.

Iona Village Hall is community-led and volunteer-run.

Whether providing the venue or running live performances ourselves, we need to ensure that the benefits outweigh the time and money spent. This means understanding what performers and promoters need, establishing booking and ticketing systems, and building profile.


get expert advice on the main hall acoustics and how they might need improved

carry out a tech audit and skills audit

purchase acoustic panels/drapes and any additional sound/light equipment needed

provide expert/consultant time to develop an outline feasibility plan for Iona Village Hall Programme of Live Performances


A community-led live performance programme will contribute to local life, boost hall revenue, enhance the cultural/tourism offer and build the skills and knowledge of local residents and community groups.

Make Iona a culturally and economically richer place to live, work & visit

Build local capacity through skill-sharing, skills development and volunteering

Maximise the potential of the new Iona Village Hall to offer greater choice and to generate revenue which can be reinvested

Diversify visitor profile and raise the profile of Iona as a destination

But most importantly…

people keep asking, and keep telling us how important it is to them.

This is our plan to make it happen